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If there is a need for people to attract the attention of others,
the Ackermann 99 range of call systems may have the solution.

As the sole distributors of the Ackermann Clino 99 call systems, SFS Systems can provide a highly flexible and adaptable solution that can be customised to meet your specific needs.

The Clino Opt 99 can be adapted for use in a variety of solutions such as nurse-call and patient communication in homes and hospitals, staff attack systems, disabled toilets and disabled refuge systems.

The Clino Phon 99, based on the popular Clino Phon 95 and Clino Opt 99, is aimed primarily at hospitals to streamline communication between patients and staff as well as provide radio, television and other auxiliary functions to the patient through one device.

Both systems can be easily interfaced with paging and DECT-based telephone systems, further improving the flow of communication.

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We also introduce the latest Clino Com 21 system.

Disabled Refuge

Disabled Refuge Equipment

Designed to meet the requirements of BS5588: Part 8 and manufactured in an ISO 9001 environment, the Ackermann Disabled Refuge system consists of stainless steel disabled refuge call units with speech facility, and a stainless steel evacuation control panel to monitor calls from the refuges and to set up a ‘hands free’ speech channel to the refuge from which the call originated.

The disabled refuges will have a stainless steel call point, which is used to notify that there is a disabled person at the refuge, and that they require assistance.

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Disabled Toilet

Photo of a Pull-Cord

The Disabled Toilets can be a stand-alone system or multi-networked with a central display or fully integrated with any of the other systems. For example, with Disabled Refuge, standard Nursecall or hospital systems.

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Call/Cancel Unit

Personal contact with the nursing staff is a fundamental prerequisite for the well-being of residents of nursing and care homes and patients in hospitals.

The nurse call system provides the staff with prompt and clear information on as to which resident or patient called from where, or whether additional assistance is required from other members of staff through the use of alpha-numeric displays, overdoor light modules, corridor information displays and audible alerts.

There is an ideal call unit for every resident and patient, whatever state of health. From the simple push button all the way to the handset with integrated radio and TV-control and specialist call units - every device has been specially designed to meet the needs of all potential patients.

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Staff Attack

Infra-Red Transmitter Fob

Activated by either a button on the wall or an infra-red transmitter, the addressable system can accurately locate a person in distress.

Our staff attack systems are suitable for installations in secure mental units and brain injury rehabilitation centres. They are vital in giving staff the security of knowledge that assistance can be called promptly and efficiently in any emergency or situation regardless of their location.

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Introducing Clino Com 21

Clino Com 21 Handset

Available only to new buildings, the Clino Com 21 is a fully integrated hospital management system, incorporating nurse-call, discreet and hands-free patient/staff communication, telephone, television, radio and patient account management.

The Clino Com 21 offers user-friendly multi-functional terminals, digital speech and can interface using PABX, DECT and EDP.

The system is a heirarchical loop comprising of a backbone loop, ward loops and then room loops. It uses fibre optic cabling which is more cost effective and provides clearer data communication over greater distances than traditional copper cabling.

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